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Located in the Reid's Dairy plaza, Belleville Ontario.  Morrison Brothers Raw Food is a small, family owned business that is dedicated to providing raw and natural food products for your pets.



Providing a healthy diet for the way your dog is supposed to eat.



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The Reid's Dairy Plaza

222 Bell Blvd Unit 4
Belleville, ON K8P 5L7

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     A kibble diet can fulfill your dog’s basic dietary needs and is convenient but it is a highly processed food that comes with some baggage. Most dry dog kibble contain fillers that are a cheap way to keep your pet full while providing very little nutrition. Some fillers like corn and rice are likely to contain multiple pesticides that can cause various types of cancer. These same starches contain mycotoxins. These toxins are extremely dangerous to our pets and can cause kidney damage, liver necrosis, liver tumors, reduced growth, depressed immune response and other conditions. While we would like to believe these pet food industries have our pet’s best health in their hearts, they are ultimately driven by profit margins.

     A raw diet provides your pet with natural sources of protein and fiber while eliminating highly processed grains. A Biologically Appropriate Raw Food (BARF) diet is a mixture of raw animal protein, bone, organs and species appropriate vegetables. Benefits of this diet include: healthy teeth, improved breath, healthy and shiny coat, increased energy levels, optimized immune system and more lean muscle mass.

The cornerstone of good health is good nutrition.

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We understand that you have a busy schedule.  purchasing your pets food should be easy and convenient.  For quick pick up call us at (613) 779-0909 or email us at to place an order that will be packed and ready for you.