Raw Diet For Optimum Health

About the Author: 
Carmella Barry is a dog behaviourist, specializing in holistic health and nutrition for our canine companions.  She grew up in rural southern Quebec where her family provided a sanctuary for feral and wild dogs.  In her teens, she began to rescue and rehome dogs as well as begin her studies into canine nutrition and behavioural science.  As an adult Carmella has continued her work with dogs in California and Ontario.  She has dedicated herself to educating people on animal nutrition and behaviour.  Carmella is a staunch advocate against Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) and assists in relocating dogs that have been stigmatized by these laws. She now resides in Trent Hills Ontario where she owns and operates Doggytime Canine Care and Rescue.  Carmella is currently working on her first book and writes a daily article on facebook named DailyDoggyData covering a variety of canine topics.

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Dogs, being omnivores, can survive on any diet, be it processed kibble, canned food, cooked meals, or a raw diet.
To function best, however, we need to cater to the carnivore in our dogs by feeding a species appropriate diet (Raw Diet).

This is evident by watching a dog with a bone. Note the dog's teeth and jaw are both designed to tear through flesh and crunch through bone, as opposed to grazing animals that grind their food. A dog's stomach is large and muscular which enables them to consume whole bones quite easily. Due to high acidity in a dog's stomach, bacteria in raw meat does not affect our canine friends, as it would with us.

Dogs, compared to humans however, can only produce a small amount of digestive enzymes due to a much smaller pancreas. The solution comes from a raw diet where active enzymes are plentiful. Digestive enzymes can only be found in raw, uncooked meat.

Some of the many benefits of feeding our dogs a raw diet include:
- A strengthened immune system from obtaining vital nutrients than can only be found in raw food
- Strong, healthy teeth and gums from chewing through bone
- Decreased shedding with a glossy coat from naturally occurring vitamins and minerals in a raw diet
- Less water intake, which is much easier on a dog's kidneys, from absorbing water in the meat
- And from the other end, defecation becomes significantly smaller and easier for your dog to pass, since the body absorbs all that is healthy and only rids itself of waste.

Our dogs cannot choose what we feed them, so it's up to us to choose wisely. The natural choice should always be a raw diet for the optimum health of our furry family members! 

Carmella Barry