A dog's health is much more than just being without disease, it's about our dogs as a whole!
A healthy dog is defined as one who is balanced both physically and emotionally, which means they should be happy and agile with a good energy level.
Disease does not exist when all parts of the dog's body are working together synergistically and harmoniously!
By feeding our dogs a species appropriate diet, giving them plenty of exercise and stimulation, not over vaccinating and doing regular nose to tail inspections, our dogs will live a long, happy and healthy life, the way nature intended! 

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About the Author: 
Carmella Barry is a dog behaviourist, specializing in holistic health and nutrition for our canine companions.  She grew up in rural southern Quebec where her family provided a sanctuary for feral and wild dogs.  In her teens, she began to rescue and rehome dogs as well as begin her studies into canine nutrition and behavioural science.  As an adult Carmella has continued her work with dogs in California and Ontario.  She has dedicated herself to educating people on animal nutrition and behaviour.  Carmella is a staunch advocate against Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) and assists in relocating dogs that have been stigmatized by these laws. She now resides in Trent Hills Ontario where she owns and operates Doggytime Canine Care and Rescue.  Carmella is currently working on her first book and writes a daily article on facebook named DailyDoggyData covering a variety of canine topics.