Raw vs Kibble




A Raw Diet (Species Appropriate Diet) provides our dogs with all the nutrition they require, due to the abundance of vitamins, minerals, fiber, probiotics and digestive enzymes!


Although not all kibble is created equal, much of what is sold greatly lacks in true nutrition, and many of the less expensive brands are loaded with fillers like corn, and meat by-products rather than real meat.

Due to high heat during processing, most of the vitamins labelled are rendered useless. Live probiotics are non-existent in kibble.

And digestive enzymes aren't available either, since these enzymes only naturally occur in raw, rather than cooked meat.



Dogs consuming a Raw Diet get to use their teeth, as often their meals will consist of whole meaty bones.

This greatly helps to keep their teeth and gums clean, and aids in digestion since the dog takes more time in eating.


A dog eating kibble literally inhales his food. Rarely do they use their teeth, but rather swallow the pieces whole. This does not help digestion, nor does it do anything to clean their gums and teeth.

Kibble actually contributes to tartar build-up!



When dogs are on a Raw Diet, water consumption lowers since water is naturally occurring in the meat.

Bowel movements become much smaller and firmer, as a dog's body only eliminates what it doesn't require.


Water consumption is high with a kibble fed dog, as kibble is dry and often contains many harmful preservatives like salt, which only create more thirst. Excessive water consumption is very hard on a dog's kidneys.



A Raw Diet actually costs less than many brands of kibble, and will also save you money on vet bills due to your dog's improved health from eating nutritious food!


Better quality kibble like some grain-free and corn-free products are often more expensive than feeding a Raw Diet, partly due to the kibble manufacturer's cost and partly due to overfeeding on

kibble. Dogs are often still hungry after eating kibble, and the natural response from most people is to feed more, compared to dogs feeling satisfied after a Raw meal!


These are only some of the many reasons why feeding our dogs a Raw Diet is naturally healthier, not to mention how much happier your dog will be eating real food!!!

And as we realize that this is a highly controversial subject, we in no way, mean to offend or insult anyone with their decisions on feeding their dogs.

We suggest, however, to research this important matter further.

If anyone has questions pertaining to the Raw Diet, please contact us directly by email at info@doggytime.net, and we'd be more than happy to help you! 

About the Author: 

Carmella Barry is a dog behaviourist, specializing in holistic health and nutrition for our canine companions.  She grew up in rural southern Quebec where her family provided a sanctuary for feral and wild dogs.  In her teens, she began to rescue and rehome dogs as well as begin her studies into canine nutrition and behavioural science.  As an adult Carmella has continued her work with dogs in California and Ontario.  She has dedicated herself to educating people on animal nutrition and behaviour.  Carmella is a staunch advocate against Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) and assists in relocating dogs that have been stigmatized by these laws. She now resides in Trent Hills Ontario where she owns and operates Doggytime Canine Care and Rescue.  Carmella is currently working on her first book and writes a daily article on facebook named DailyDoggyData covering a variety of canine topics.

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